About the Department

Automobile Engineering

The department was started in the year 1996. Though of recent origin, the automobile industry is a fast expanding as the demand for transport is ever increasing. Hence it is of paramount importance in the 21st century,  The students have to be suitably equipped to cope up with the development of this industry.  Hence efforts are made to update the knowledge of the students in the  areas like Thermodynamics, Assembly of Vehicles and their maintenance with focus on pollution free development

Department of Automobile Engineering


  • Automotive Engines Lab
  • Thermal Engineering lab
  • Automotive Electricals & Electronics System Lab
  • Engine Testing and Emission Measurement Lab
  • Automobile Servicing Lab
  • Two-Wheeler & Three-wheeler Technology Lab
  • Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Lab


To become well versed in the automobile field, develop necessary skills and attitudes and to face the challenges with confidence.


Automobile Engineering